5 ways to utilize artificial intelligence in 2019 as a part of your digital marketing strategy

by optcdigi

5 ways to utilize artificial intelligence in 2019 as a part of your digital marketing strategy

by optcdigi

by optcdigi

5 Ways To Use Artificial intelligence in your digital marketing journey:


Artificial Intelligence is evolving a lot in the current digital era.

Usage of artificial intelligence is increasing tremendously nowadays.

It has extended its presence to use in digital marketing as well.

Now in this article, I am going to mention 6 ways in which you can use artificial intelligence to comfort your digital marketing journey.

1.Messenger Chatbots:

Use a messenger bot to communicate with your potential clients or customers instantly.

Program the bot by creating both basic queries generally asked by your customer and answers to them.

So that your customer gets an instant answer for basic queries such as your working days or location or contact number etc.

One can schedule a reminder for them and send it a period of time before the date so that they don’t forget their appointment with you.

You can send various latest offers or discounts you provide from time to time by just automating things.

You can reach out to all your customers with just a single broadcast message.

2.Programmatic advertising:

You can use Programmatic advertising to lower your ad costs which work with the help of artificial intelligence.

It helps to bid automatically in real-time to reach more audience in a cost-effective way.

Anything reducing manual work increases chances of scaling your paid ads.

3.Creating Videos:

Video viewers on the internet are growing at a rapid pace in this digital era.

The best way to each of them is by creating more informational videos.

But the creation of videos involves a lot of things such as using images, music, content, etc.

There tools which can use Artificial Intelligence to create videos by just writing the content and AI will find the suitable contextual images for the video reducing your time in making videos.


When your customers visit your website they might be interested in clicking a link or mouse hover on the text where they were interested.

These points are shown in a heatmap analytics tools which utilize artificial intelligence help you decide where to improve.

So try using a heatmap tool to improve your most important pages or landing pages.

5.Email Automation:

Email automation helps you send an email automatically to your customer when they submit their email to you through any form.

It helps in personalization by sending an email immediately after they sign up on your page or contact you.

If someone adds a product to the cart but did not buy the product, then you can automate sending an email to the corresponding person so that he buys the product coming back.

6.Voice Search Optimization:

You need to optimize your blog for voice search.

There is an exponential rate of increase in the number of voice searches made and it is still increasing.

People are using smart speakers who use Artificial Intelligence for searching a query.

If you effectively optimize your blog and prepare it ready for voice search so that you gain more traffic to your blog.


Finally, my suggestion for you is to start using artificial intelligence in your digital marketing journey as it will reduce your efforts.

It can reduce your costs and time as well.

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AI In Digital Marketing
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AI In Digital Marketing
Artificial Intelligence is evolving a lot in the current digital era.Usage of artificial intelligence is increasing tremendously nowaday
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