Loudest in The Room are Usually Weakest

by optcdigi

Loudest in The Room are Usually Weakest

by optcdigi

by optcdigi

Loudest One In the Room Is Usually The Weakest In The Room

What is that one thing that you frequently see on all the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp, etc.?

Make a guess   

Yes it is true we are talking about show offs people make in social media platforms. It is the most common thing in all social media platforms. They take good images of their cars, villas, money, etc. and post them on social media platforms to show off.

Loudest One in The Room is The Weakest:

If you have watched the movie American Gangster that stars Denzel Washington you might have known the quote The  Loudest One in The Room Is Weakest One in The Room.
However, people take advice from ‘ loud‘ marketers out there showing off the things.
However, you need to understand that people who have money do not need to run ads to show how much money they have and how wealthy they are? Don’t they care what others think about them?

Loudest In The Room

For example, You might have heard CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg always wears the same colour grey T-shirt to save time daily Isn’t he rich?  Moreover, also you might have known American Stock investor Warren Buffet lives in the modest house that he has brought in the year 1958. These people don’t like to show off they don’t care what others think about them.

To Whom You Should Listen?
You might have said now that you do not believe in those ads on Youtube, Facebook, etc. where people show their luxurious homes and cars. Because they are running ads or selling products to get rich. However, one thing we want to  know

Whom would you listen?

A random guy who is into SEO and with less money, and he is advising you how to grow your web traffic?
Someone who is super rich and millionaire and owning a luxurious house, cars and other expensive accessories.
I’m sure you are going to take your advice from the guy who is super rich rather than a random guy who is having less money. Moreover, that is where many entrepreneurs and marketers take the wrong step.
Our ideal advice would be that you should listen to both of them and pick the information that is relevant to you and can help you.
You can still learn some new things from the random guy who is having less money.   There is a very fair chance that you might learn something new from the random guy.
The biggest mistake we always do is we only listen to productive and successful people. Because they are successful and made good money that does not mean that they know what you are looking for?
In most of the cases, wealthy people may not know your needs and requirements accurately. So what we were going to advise you are Just because people are successful and made money doesn’t mean that you should approach them for all the information you need. They may be  experts in few areas take their advice in what they are good.

Are You Going To Ignore People Who Run Ads on Facebook, Instagram & Youtube?

Business Strategy

Even though you are not interested in the ads or products people sell on social media, we would advise you to look at them from a different perspective.
It is all right that you do not care about ads and products people sell on social media. We would still to observe how they are doing their marketing?
How are they building up their following on social media?  What strategies they are implementing to get proper engagement?.
We believe that one can learn something new from everyone.   If you observe them correctly and ignore bad in it, you can learn new things which you can implement in your own business.
We would advise you that one should look for opportunities to learn new things from everyone. If you are a good listener, you can always learn something from everyone. All you need to is to listen to them.



Listen And Learn

Many people always try to show off. It would be best if you still remembered that Loudest In The Room is usually the weakest.
People, who are rich and wealthy never try to show off and run ads on how much money they have?
If you see someone running ads on how wealthy they are ?. You need to focus and observe how they are trying to sell their products by their marketing strategies. You should not negatively take them instead you should see their ad copies, landing pages, marketing strategies that you can implement to grow your own business properly.
We hope now you understood the concept of learning new things from everyone. So be a good listener and learn from everyone so that you can implement them to grow your own business.

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What is that one thing that you frequently see on all the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp, etc.?
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