by optcdigi

About Fitdxb

We believe that FITDXB will serve you well and help you with fitness programs, diet plans, fitness gear for many young and strong people! is Operated by Easy 4me Fz LLE. After the client approved the work, the team began designing the simple user-friendly website for travel booking as per the client’s requirements and delivered the project within the given time period.

Technologies used:

  • Php Framework
  • WordPress
  • MySqul
  • Iframe
  • Photoshop

Development Time:  40 days

Development Process:

A start-up company approached us for creating a website for fitness booking services with an SEO friendly design, team list, live chat interaction, online shop, and other features.

A team of OPT-C researchers comes up with the best platform to create realtime traffic, SEO friendly solutions, and an online shop solution, which is then designed based on the client’s requirements in 40 days.

From the beginning, we were asked to create realtime leads for the website. We used SEO strategies and got a bunch of important fitness clients.

Menu and Logo Development

Menu Style in Fitdxb Website

Fitness Category Design in Fitdxb Website

Fitness Sessions Booking Form in Fitdxb Website

Appointment Booking -For Fitness website

Fitness Shop Dubai – Developed by OPT- C Dubai Team

Products Carousel Setup in Fitness Shop

Product Category Setup in Website