PPC Services in Hyderabad

Opt-C Digital Solutions provides Quality PPC (Pay Per Click ) services in Hyderabad to Local SMB’S , Startups and World Wide Companies . PPC (Pay Per Click ) campaigns are Right choice for Businesses looking for Instant Results such as Brand Awareness, Instant conversions, Traffic to the website etc.    

Advantages of Pay Per Click Campaigns

Advantages of PPC Campaigns (Pay Per Click)?

In Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns you are going to pay only when visitor clicks on Ad Copy. By Optimizing Ad Campaigns , Ad Copies and impressive Landing pages can create Right ROI for You Business by Capturing High Rated Leads. PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaigns allows Ads to deliver Targeted Audience based on their Interests, Demographics, Languages , Device Types etc

  • Its Fast way to Sell your products
  • Instant Traffic Generation Tools
  • Good for Brand Awareness

Variable  Pay Per Click Ad Types

  1. Search Ad Campaigns
  2. Display Ad Campaigns
  3. Shopping Ad Campaigns
  4. Video Ad Campaigns and etc
  5. Social Media Paid Campaigns
  6. Google Map Ad Campaigns

Seo (Search Engine Optimization) v/s   PPC (Pay Per Click)

SEO gives free and organic traffic whereas ppc gives instant results and paid traffic to your website seo is free however there are many advantages of PPC over SEO some of them are discussed below

Brand Visibility:For Branding PPC helps more we can dominate the search engine results page by displaying our ads above the search engine results where we pay only when someone clicks the ad.

Different Ad Formats: In PPC we can use different ad formats like shopping , hotel , text ads and etc in search engine results page whereas in SEO we can only rank our web pages in the search engine.

Ad Targeting : In PPC we can target users based on their demographics , search history, interests and etc whereas we cannot target the users in SEO.

User Tracking: We can track users and their behavior in Paid campaigns easily

Remarketing: We can retarget users based on their interests and behaviour using display and video ads.

A/B testing: We can do A/B testing of ad copies in PPC easily and it is cost effective.

Measurable: Paid Campaigns are measurable efficiently compared to organic traffic.

These are the few advantages of PPC over SEO AND PPC campaigns must for every business digital strategy

Even Social Media Platforms like Facebook , Twitter , LinkedIn and etc allow Paid Campaigns to the businesses .

Implementing Of Proper Funnels in Your Paid Campaigns Strategy :

Creating Proper Funnel is Major Task in PPC Campaigns to attract your audience, convince the readers and make them as customers.

Different Stages Of a Sales Funnel are:

Awareness Stage: Where you create awareness about your product or service to your audience or buyers persona.

Interest Stage: After creating awareness about your product or service you need to target the people who show interest in your product or services.

Desire Stage: You need to create desire to buy our product or service to our audience.

Acquisition: This is where your lead or prospect takes action to become your customer.

Delight: After acquisition we need to delight the customers by offering them the better services or products more than they expected so that they get delighted they may buy your future products or services easily and they may also refer you other customers .

So these are the different stages of funnel which need to be implemented properly in your campaigns according to your product or service .

At Opt-C we offer quality PPC services in Hyderabad which improve their business ROI effectively within their budget. We use right PPC strategies by continuous testing of ad copies, keywords. We help businesses to create right paid campaign strategies and proper lead funnels and help them get good business with the help of right PPC strategies . Our PPC Services in Hyderabad are very much affordable for early startups and local businesses that make us favorite for many startups and local businesses for ppc services in Hyderabad.