SEO Strategies For 2019

by optcdigi

SEO Strategies For 2019

by optcdigi

by optcdigi

SEO Strategies for 2019

You know that ranking in search engines became very tough nowadays. It is because of the competition you have from other websites.

Due to the competition from other websites, it takes much time to rank in Google and you need to spend more money on it.

But the truth you cannot keep waiting longer to get results. And you have no option left but to leverage SEO as one of the tactics. You need to follow proper SEO strategies for 2019 to make good business.

 If SEO  takes much time then what you need to do?

The first thing you need to keep in mind  SEO is not completely about ranking and getting huge traffic to your website. It is all about getting the right traffic i.e getting potential visitors who are interesting in buying your products or services.

In 2019  ranking in search engines gonna be more harder so instead of suggesting you how to rank competitive keywords we would suggest you the great formulas that can improve your sales faster than your competitors.  

Step 1: Providing Right Information for Customers: Usually, the buyer intent keywords help attract your customers properly. However, there is a tough competition for that buyer intent and expensive keywords. But to rank for those keywords lot of patience is required it takes much time.

To get good desired results in short-run If your targeting keyword is highly competitive we would suggest you opt for keywords with similar search pattern. You can use Google correlate tool which helps you to find the keywords which have similar searches. However, it may show some keywords unrelated to your business but choose the right keywords from them and write a super depth blog post and provide good information for customers about the products. What we found in our test is people will come again to your website if they feel you provided them with good information and value. They buy from you.

Step 2: Using Google Search Console Effectively:  It is very hard to rank for the new search terms but everyone focuses on new search terms. You need a lot of patience to get ranked in search engines. However, we will discuss a strategy which can work for you effectively to get ranked easily.

Go to Google Search Console of your website. Then click on performance in search console there you will find the search terms your website is ranking better in Google.

Now click on the popular terms your website is ranking for and then click on pages. You will see the URLs of your website which are ranking for the search terms on Google. Now you are going to modify those posts or content. Copy the search term and put them in any keyword research tools like Ubersuggest which can give you new keyword ideas for the search term.

You will see a list of keywords select proper buyer intent and long-tail keywords from the list and modify your popular blog post for by adding the keywords naturally. Do avoid keyword stuffing and spamming.  Typically you will see your website ranking in the first page for the keyword you added in 30 to 60 days.

Step 3: Building Good Brand:  Google considers your brand value more you need to build a strong brand to rank better on Google.

You can check your brand value against your competitors using  Google Trends. Brand value can help you succeed in the long run to rank in  Google. However, you cannot build a brand overnight. It takes a lot of time and effort.

We will discuss a  great working formula to build good brand value.

Be bold: We suggest you be bold and do what your competitor is not doing take risks People say to run paid ads, speak at conferences and all. However, these are similar things that your competitors are doing. You need to do differently and bold to attract your customers.

Do not try to copy your competitors. No one likes to follow copycats and things worked for you need not work for you. So do differently that can help you build good brand value.

Responding & Helping people in communities: Help people in social communities genuinely by responding to their queries and comments. This is how you build a good relationship with your audience and customers.

Creating Valuable Content:  Spend much time on creating good valuable content to your users focus on providing the best possible content your audience is looking for.

Creating Engaging Video Content: video content on Youtube, Facebook Instagram, and other social media platforms attract many audiences and help you connect with them

These above few tips can help you build a good brand for your business that is very important in 2019 to dominate search engines like Google.

Step-4: Link Building Techniques: Link building is still one of the important factor considered by Google to rank the websites in 2019 also.

However, you cannot depend on old-school methods of getting backlinks to your method instead you can get free backlinks by using some trap to the other websites

For Example, Neil Patel offers Ubersuggest for free which is quite expensive. However, the reason behind he is offering it for free because he is getting good traffic, quality backlinks, and marketing for his other products and services. The cost of his free tool is not that much expensive when it is compared it with the amount of marketing and business he is making with it.

You can also think creatively and offer something for free or create good content which can go viral without much marketing and you will get good backlinks and marketing for your business with less investment. Infographics can help you in a better way to do this. You can get good backlinks and marketing for your business.

Conclusion:  Instead of following traditional SEO methods follow proper strategies in 2019 to make good business. Ranking in Google will definitely take much time and it gonna be harder more. Google will continuously update their algorithms that can affect your rankings. So to do better in terms of search engine traffic follow the above-discussed SEO strategies for 2019 to make good ROI from  Google.

We hope you got a good idea over what are the SEO strategies that can help you grow your business in 2019.

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SEO Strategies For 2019
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SEO Strategies For 2019
You know that ranking in search engines became very tough nowadays. It is because of the competition you have from other websites
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