Groce Buy

Groce Buy

by optcdigi

About Groce Buy

GroceBuy offers online Groceries, Vegetables, Meat and Food order delivery service from your favorite local stores or Restaurants.

We deliver all of your daily needs right to your door – or wherever you are! We manage about 1000+ products in each grocebuy location, so when you order, your stuff comes directly from your favorite store.

Development Time: 40 days

Development Process:

Our client is a local business owner in India, who approached us for creating an ecommerce website for him because he wants to provide services to his local area clients that want to order from their mobile devices or computers and then the delivery team will come to their place and deliver what they ordered.

The Opt-C Digital E-commerce Development team, with the most up-to-date GPS tracking technology as well as new, innovative e-commerce development technologies, prepared a well vers e-commerce solution to meet the real challenges of the current competitive environment. The client was highly impressed with the quality of our work.

ecommerce category creation development process

ecommerce website development category creation

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