Ashoks Alankar

Ashoks Alankar

by optcdigi

About Ashoks Alankar

Renowned Ashok Rayala is one of the world’s leading, followed, influential, acclaimed make-up artists. Known for creating the most flawless version of a human’s natural beauty.

His creative and artistic instincts have made him indispensable to designers, editors, photographers, art directors, and celebrities.His signature red carpet look is bringing out the best in you. Not trying to make you something you are not.

Development Time: 30 Days

Development Process:

We were approached by a famous makeup artist team to help them promote their services online through a new website, since they were experiencing security issues with their current design. We created a security-featured server access solution, redesigned the website using standard technologies, ignored vulnerable technologies, and used special hosting services that were made available to alert the team to threats.