SNP Stationery

SNP Stationery

by optcdigi

About Snp Stationery:

STAPLES & PINS is a prominent name in the distribution and supply of stationery and IT products. The company is known for its quality products and services in the stationery business and is committed to ensure the safety and timely delivery of your goods. The company is a perfect example of excellent service at affordable price and in meeting the time constraints of clients. At Staples & Pins quality is of prime importance while delivering services to our customers.

Website Developed Using Technologies: (

  • Codeigniter 
  • Boot Strap 
  • Html
  • Photoshop

Development Time : 30days

Budget for the Project: 4000 – 4500 AED

Development Process:The client approached us with the aim of creating a better website to allow them to showcase their stationery business online and create interactive features so that clients can communicate using the Whatsapp integration and a secure framework that is user friendly.

After analyzing the most suitable suited solutions for our customers’ businesses, our R&D team came up with a budget-friendly design that would meet their needs. As soon as the client approved the design concepts, our experienced team began working on the project, and during the development process.

During the development process, the OPT-C Digital Solutions team continued to interact with the client, providing input and updates on the status of the project as well as expected delivery times. After testing from our end, the OPT-C Digital Solutions team made the project live.

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